Empowered Trade

"Our teams are passionate about working with our suppliers to support our customers and our communities in using natural resources in a more sustainable way." Andrew Williamson Product Innovation & Quality Leader

Delivering sustainable solutions

Our aim is to stay ahead of our customers’ needs across all aspects of our business. This puts us in a key position to provide our customers with guidance and solutions on emerging sustainability trends.

world skills

By upskilling and innovating in this area over time, we think we can provide customers with more sustainable products and reduce the waste from packaging that is common in our industry.

We have a Sustainable Products & Packaging working group in our Australian and New Zealand businesses to drive these efforts, and early focus areas have been on reducing the impacts of our products during their use.

We are also a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) where we are committed to reducing packaging and waste.

Our 2023 APCO Annual Report and Action Plan

Giving new life to old pipes

By increasing the use of recycled materials in our products, we can support our customers working on sustainable builds while reducing our collective environmental impact.

We have collaborated with a key brand to trial PVC recycling at a number of our branches in Australia.

Removing 0 & 1-star WELS rated products by FY24

Our most material water impacts occur downstream with end users. Supporting our customers and end-consumers to minimise excessive use of this precious resource through our product offering is the most important thing we can do.

We conducted a review of all Water Rating Labels (WELS) products to identify opportunities to encourage greater water efficiency. As a result, Reece will cease selling 0 and 1-star rated products by the end of FY24 by working with suppliers to improve or, where needed, discontinue products.


Reducing waste where we can

We recently completed a 12-month project with our BIGDOG brand to remove unnecessary plastic packaging. Across the range, we swapped clamshell packaging to either cardboard tags or plastic stickers, greatly reducing the volume of single-use plastic. During this process we introduced the Australian Recycling Logo (ARL) to all 52 products, providing customers with correct disposal information.

Industry of the future

An important part of staying one step ahead of our customers, and empowering the trade, is helping grow and support the next generation of trades. We're proud to support TAFEs across Australia as well as other initiatives that increase the diversity and strength of our industry today and tomorrow.

We partner with various organisations to support apprentices in gaining the skills they’ll need to succeed on the job. Our dedicated relationship managers work with TAFE to identify opportunities to improve apprentice access to equipment and product information.

In time, we think there is more we can do to support the industry of the future, and we are listening to our customers and staying ahead of the next trends and challenges to make sure we can play a role.

Refurbished tools

Tools that are retired from Reece’s tool hire program are refurbished and gifted to the TAFE network.

Over the course of the program, over 400 tools have been donated for use in classrooms or for apprentices unable to access their own tools. This also supports our own circularity ambition by extending the useful life of our hire tools.

world skills

World Skills

We're committed to empowering apprentices with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their careers. Reece has been a sponsor of World Skills Australia for over a decade, empowering the next generation of plumbers to level up their skills at regional, national, and international competitions.

Supporting diversity in our industry

We recognise that the face of the trade is changing, with women and people from diverse backgrounds increasingly joining our industry. Empowering these groups and creating an inclusive environment helps our industry attract and retain the best talent and supports a sustainable workforce for the future. In FY22, Reece ran programs at high schools, TAFEs and exhibitions across Victoria aimed at getting young women hands on with our product and promoting the opportunity to work in trade.