We are built on strong foundations.

In 1920, H.J. Reece started out by selling quality hardware supplies from the back of his truck in Victoria, Australia. Later that year, he opened the first Reece store in Caulfield, as the home of exceptional tools and expert advice.

Coincidentally, on the other side of the world, three Texans had a similar vision of supplying plumbers with everything they needed to carry out essential work.

Solid foundations of reliable products and superior service shaped the blueprint for the Reece Group, which today spans Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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We cross state lines.

Having won the hearts of Texan plumbers, our team set out to bring our tools and advice to pros across state lines. Morrison quickly grew into the strongest independent plumbing supply company in the southwest, expanding into more than 70 locations. Today, we operate over 170 locations across the Sun Belt.



We took one small step.

Since joining Reece, the Wilson family name has become synonymous with our way of doing business.

In 1969, the same day that humans first stepped onto the moon, the Wilson family became majority shareholders. They committed to leading the Reece business to long-term success, with our customers, and our people, placed firmly at the centre of our business.

To date, three generations of the Wilson family have taken our business to new heights, including our current Group CEO, Peter Wilson.

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We use technology to leap forward.

The Reece System, our one-stop shop for data that allows our people to deliver on our customer promise, was introduced in 1990. Known as TRS, this system has continued to evolve and remains the backbone of our business.

Today, it is complemented by a suite of digital tools and platforms that make our customers' lives easier. One of our newest tech innovations is maX app, which lets customers order and track goods wherever they are.

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We grow with purpose.

In 2011, we embarked on a new phase of expansion and Morrison changed its name to MORSCO, Morrison’s nickname, to ground us as we kicked off a phase of rapid growth. Our expansion kicked into high gear in 2012 with a focus on acquiring local, well-established, family-owned brands in the plumbing industry. First Express Pipe & Supply was acquired in 2012, then Farnsworth Wholesale Company in 2013. These acquisitions extended MORSCO’s reach further West, with locations in California and Arizona.

More expansion followed: Wholesale Specialties in Colorado in 2014; Murray Supply in the Carolinas in 2015; DeVore & Johnson in the Atlanta area in 2016; and Todd Pipe & Supply in California.



We see bathrooms differently.

In 2014, we began displaying our products as complete bathroom displays, to give customers the opportunity to experience our range of luxurious bathroom products in their natural setting. Today, you can find our products in every great Australian, New Zealand and American bathroom, thanks to our network of inspirational showrooms.

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We expand our expertise so we can deliver more.

As we began to grow the business, we saw an opportunity to bring our local expertise to new categories - Waterworks, and HVAC - giving our customers confidence we can service their every need, no matter the job.

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We are where our customers need us to be.

In 2018, MORSCO joined the Reece Group, Australia’s leading provider of plumbing, HVAC and waterworks products. With more than 100 years of experience, Reece is always doing something new and different, expanding into fresh areas, developing new technologies and systems and pioneering innovative products.



We are a global business with a local spirit.

After three years of learning and growing together, Reece and MORSCO made the decision to retire the MORSCO brand and launch Reece USA, a symbolic step forward in our shared pursuit to be the most valued partner of our customers.