We’re built on strong foundations.

In 1920, H.J. Reece set out to service plumbers in Victoria, Australia by delivering them exceptional tools and materials, sold directly out of his van. Later that year, he opened the first Reece plumbing store in Caulfield, giving his high-quality tools and expert advice a permanent home.

Coincidentally, on the other side of the world, three Texans had a similar vision of supplying tradespeople with everything they needed to carry out essential plumbing and maintenance work.

Solid foundations of reliable products and superior service shaped the blueprint for the Reece Group, which today spans Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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We started with one small step.

Since joining Reece, the Wilson family name has become synonymous with our way of doing business.

In 1969, the same day that humans first stepped onto the moon, the Wilsons became majority shareholders and committed to leading Reece business to future successes, with our customers and our people placed firmly at the centre of our business.

To date, three generations of the Wilson family have taken our business to new heights, including our current Group CEO, Peter Wilson.

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We cross state lines.

Having won the hearts of Victoria’s plumbers, our team set out to bring our tools and advice to tradespeople across state lines.

In 1978, we opened our first store in Albury situated in our neighbouring state, New South Wales, expanding our horizons and our footprint.

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We see bathrooms differently.

Today, our products are a mainstay in every great Australian, New Zealand and American bathroom, thanks to our network of bathroom showrooms.

However it wasn’t until 1983 that we introduced complete bathroom displays to our bricks-and-mortar spaces, giving our customers the opportunity to experience taps, sinks, showers, baths and more in beautifully designed in-situ displays.

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We’ve always used technology to move forward.

Streamlining our processes and centralising our data has always been one of our innovation areas, even back in 1990.

That year, we introduced The Reece System, known as TRS, as a one-stop shop for data that allowed our people to deliver the best possible customer experience.

TRS has gone through many transformations since then but still forms the backbone of our business. Today, it is complemented by a myriad of digital tools that make our customers’ lives easier such as maX, our app for trade account customers.

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We have pipes for any purpose.

Our high quality materials were sought-after in the plumbing world, so in 1991 we introduced piping and tools for mechanical services, gas, irrigation and pool usage to or repertoire.

It wasn’t until 1998 that we opened our first irrigation and pools store dedicated to keeping our customers’ outdoor spaces feeling fresh. Later in 2005, we focussed our expertise on keeping their food fresh with the launch of our refrigeration business.

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We never stop learning (and teaching).

Our first training centre opened in 1993 as a centre of excellence to support anyone working in the plumbing industry, no matter how novice or experienced they might be.

Fast forward to 2020 and our educational material now lives online in our digital learning platform, LXP, where our people and our customers can grow their skills, whenever and wherever they want.



We make ourselves available, 24/7.

Our very first trade and bathrooms websites launched at the turn of the millennium, giving our customers the opportunity to find out more about our products and services, whenever they wanted to.

Our passion for doing business through technology has grown so much that today, Reecetech, our world-class technology and digital product division is established as its own business within the Reece Group, with the focus of designing and building products our customers and people love.

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We committed to learn more and share more.

We take giving back seriously. In 2006, the same year that we opened our first New Zealand store, we founded the Reece Grant, a funding program that has helped over 50 international communities — and hundreds of local ones — gain access to clean water, sanitation and essential maintenance education.

Of course, we are as committed to our people as we are their wider communities. Launched in 2019, Reece Cares is our dedicated initiative to health and wellness support and charitable donation matching, and the Reece Reconciliation program provides support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to build a better future for us all.



We are where our customers need us to be.

As we approached our 100 year anniversary, we set our sights on new frontiers where tradespeople would benefit from our century of innovation, dedication and expertise and innovation.

In 2018, we found the perfect partner for expanding into the United States and acquired MORSCO, the Sun-Belt’s leading distributor of plumbing, waterworks, heating, cooling and ventilation products.

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