Our Sustainability Strategy


Our vision is that our customers and team are empowered to create sustainable change, and we hope to achieve this across three focus areas.

Sustainable Business

As a business, we have a role to play in helping limit global warming and climate change. We are starting by tackling the energy we use, the emissions we generate, and the waste in our network.

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This is a new area of focus and we know we have a lot to learn. Like everything at Reece, we’ll take a long-term approach to get it right. To demonstrate our commitment, in 2022 we set emissions reduction goals to reduce our absolute Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions from our FY21 baseline. We will also work with our supply partners to measure our impact and find innovative ways to reduce our collective footprint.

Empowered Trade

Like Reece, the building and construction industry is striving for greater environmental and social outcomes. In line with our commitment to be the trades' most valuable partner, we're helping our customers navigate shifting regulations and consumer expectations to help them thrive.

We're committed to investing in our industry to create more sustainable ways of working. When we developed our sustainability strategy, we started by speaking to our customers to find out what sustainability issues were important to them and what problems we could help them solve through our strategy.

To address the challenges faced by our broader industry, we're exploring new ways to improve our products and services, sustainable packaging alternatives as well as investing in programs that support trade education and development.

Resilient Communities

By establishing initiatives and partnerships that support our industry and communities, we strive to make a purposeful impact, locally and globally.

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We’ve made a commitment to empower our people and customers to create positive and lasting change through our organisation and the communities we operate within.

In the US, our branch network focuses on supporting local, grassroots initiatives, overseen by a Charity Committee. Additionally, when natural disasters strike, we do everything we can to support customers with access to products and support when they need it most.