Works for you

works for you

'Works for you' is our promise to our customers. It’s what they can expect when they engage with us.

Our customer promise

At Reece, we’re committed to our customers and their business. We strive to understand them and how they work so we can make doing business with us easy. We listen and anticipate their needs and we support them, their teams and the industry.

‘Works for you’ is our long-term commitment to the success of our customers. It means that everything we do is designed around helping our customers grow and succeed. It means we’re in it together, we’re here for the long haul, we’re a true partner.

Our teams bring our customer promise to life every day. Whether it’s going above and beyond to provide customised service to a customer, working with suppliers to modify products to help our customers save time, or launching an innovation to help our customers better run their businesses, our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Reece.

Works for you in action

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Service your way

For us, customer service is not one size fits all. This held true for the launch of maX in the US. To bring the service to life for our US customers, the local team conducted a series of design thinking and listening sessions with customers and team members where we identified common pain points and then talked through how we could use digital solutions to solve those problems. These findings became the basis for the features on the website.

As maX continues to grow in the US, we’re collecting feedback from customers and using that to build the product roadmap and prioritise advancements for the future.

In it together

Supporting the construction of mortgage-free homes for heroes

Reece US’s waterworks business, Fortiline, supplied sewer, force main, water and reclaim pipe, valves, and fittings to the Let Us Do Good Village: a new neighbourhood that will provide mortgage-free homes for catastrophically injured veterans, as well as surviving families of fallen members of the military and first responders. Groundbreaking for the Let Us Do Good Village took place in December 2021. The subdivision of more than 100 homes is planned for Land O’ Lakes, Florida, on 75 acres donated by the Esther and Harold Mertz Foundation to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Sharing expertise

Lachie the Grad’s Toilet Seat Finder

Reece graduates spend their first year working in branch, getting to know our business and our customers first-hand. Finding the perfect replacement toilet seat for a customer is an odd but common problem faced by our branch team. Sounds simple, but finding the right hinge points, shape and dimensions for each unique pan can be a difficult and hands-on problem, taking up a lot of time for our people and our customers.

After spending time working on the trade counter, Reece graduate Lachlan Maxwell came up with an idea to streamline and make the process more efficient - The Toilet Seat Finder. Working with teams from across the business, Lachie transformed his idea into an app. The Toilet Seat Finder is now available across the Reece Australia network, helping branches from across the country shortlist toilet seats to suit every toilet.

Driven by quality

Customised service is our secret sauce, and that holds true in all markets in which we operate.

'>B< Press' is widely used by Aussie plumbers and has since launched in New Zealand and the United States. With excellent joint performance, flame-free installation and reliable design, >B< Press allows plumbers to install copper pipe more safely and efficiently than ever before.

Recognising the need to tailor our offering to the needs of local plumbers, Reece and Connex Banniger, joined forces once again to redesign our >B< Press copper fitting range so they fit even better with New Zealand’s copper piping sizes. The >B< Press NZ range gives Kiwi plumbers time back in their day with an even more reliable system.