Building a better tomorrow.

Sustainability at Reece

We’re focussed on making our business more sustainable, so our customers can be too. From supporting the wellbeing of our teams and customers to reducing our environmental impact, we’re committed to doing our bit.

We know it will take time to have an impact. We have developed a meaningful, customer-led sustainability approach to guide us as we learn. Our vision is that our customers and team are empowered to create sustainable change, and we hope to achieve this across three focus areas: Sustainable Business, Empowered Trade and Resilient Communities. You can read more in our annual Sustainability Report or watch a short video on our approach.

Download 2023 Sustainability Report


What we are aiming to achieve

Our environmental footprint is reduced and our growth is driven by sustainable business practices.

The mental health and wellbeing of our communities is improved through our partnerships.

Our customers feel supported to work sustainably.

Our people can bring their best self to work in a diverse and supportive workplace.