8 Dec 2021
Innovation & Tech
Leading innovation in learning

Here at Reece, our culture of learning has been recognised as part of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Excellence Awards. Our industry-leading approach to education saw our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) announced as a finalist for the Best Blended Learning Solution.

“Reece has a culture of continuous improvement, and a long-term commitment to helping our people to learn and grow.” 
- Gareth Killeen, Learning Experience Lead.

Delivering a program of diverse learning journeys has helped extend our robust leadership mindset, keep our product knowledge current and up-skill for the digital future.

To support our people in reaching their potential, we worked with Kineo to develop a leading learning platform using human-centred design techniques to tailor practical and interactive activities.

Our people work hard, and time can be scarce, we needed a solution that meant our people could learn when and where they want. 

Using agile methodologies, we develop and deploy learning content in just two weeks. Helping our people to be at the forefront of product technology understanding, providing great advice for our customers. 

There are now 64 learning journeys available and 96 on-demand courses. Since launching the platform in September 2019, 2,740 individual learning journeys have been completed, each taking 4-5 weeks.

The next evolution of LXP, PowerUp, will be available to our customers, helping them to up-skill and learn the soft skills to help their business thrive.