11 Dec 2023
Innovation & Tech
Smarten up your bathroom with the latest innovations
Hideaway Sensor

When designing a ‘smart bathroom’, it’s important to make selections that create a seamless experience of the space for its intended users. 

A ‘smart bathroom’ is a space where products go beyond aesthetic and deliver an enhanced experience. Innovation in the bathroom should improve your life through the incorporation of intelligent products that increase wellness and hygiene. 

From our Bathroom Insights Report, we know that consumers are vision-led and are primed to reimagine the bathroom, for example as a day spa or boutique sanctuary. They are willing to invest in smart products that elevate daily routines and embrace innovations that give them new experiences. 

At Reece, we’ve curated a collection of Smart Choice products that go beyond aesthetic, with the aim to enhance living spaces.

New innovations are becoming ‘must have’ technologies in the bathroom. What was once considered luxury is fast becoming the norm. We've seen this with LED mirrors, sensor tapware and smart toilets.  

Smart products to enhance your bathroom experience

  • LED mirrors, like our Kado Aspect mirror, have defogging functions, on and off sensors, and LED lights to help create optimal lighting for makeup application and enhance the space and mood of the bathroom.

Kado Aspect Mirror
  • Sensor tapware continues to increase in popularly with hygiene and touchless environments being in higher demand, giving us peace of mind in the bathroom. The Mizu Drift Sensor Basin Mixer is one of the first sensor taps designed for the residential market. A wave of the hand triggers a 10 second flow of water, helping prevent the spread of germs and minimising the amount of cleaning time. 

Miss Drift Sensor Basin Mixer
  • We have seen an enormous spike in popularity Smart Toilets, in particular the Roca In-Wash® Inspira smart toilet. The nozzle is self-cleaning after each use. It’s also full of clever integrations, like in-built bidet functionality that offers integrated cleaning and drying, a LED night light and control over water temperature and direction and a heated seat.

Roca In Wash Inspira
  • Enhanced Thermostatic showering technology removes fluctuations in the shower temperature when water is in use throughout the home, so you’ll never fear a toilet flush again. Temperature control is not just for convenience either, but it’s also a smart safety feature, helping to prevent children from scalding themselves. The GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic Mixer allows you to regulate the water temperature and pressure for future showers, creating a truly personal shower experience that’s set to your ideal preference. 

GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic Mixer
  • The Geberit DuoFresh Odour Extraction System is another example of technology that blends into the background. It automatically eliminates odour from the bathroom and keeps the toilet bowl clean and fresh. The system sits in the wall, behind the Geberit buttons, and uses a ceramic honeycomb filter to purify the air to keep the bathroom smelling fresher for longer. 

Geberit DuoFresh
  •  With a greater demand for hygiene, touchless technology integrated into toilets is on the rise. The sensor toilet button features advanced hands-free technology, reducing the transfer of germs in the bathroom. Simply wave your hand in front of the half or full flush button to operate. The Hideaway + Sensor Button/ Plate feature a sleek, black glass plate that is stylish and easy to clean.