11 Jul 2024
Resilient Communities
Reece to support more students through Clontarf Foundation partnership
Clontarf student in branch

For the past three years, Reece has partnered with the Clontarf Foundation to support 150 young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men go to Clontarf Academies across Australia. Our branches connect with local academies to help create career pathways at Reece and the broader trade industry. 

Due to the success of the existing partnership, we are increasing our support to become a national partner, which will enable 300 young men to attend a Clontarf Academy over the next three years.  

Chair of the Reece Group Reconciliation Action Plan Committee, David Willis, said, “Our team really enjoy having the students bring their energy and ideas to our local branch. For us, working with Clontarf has been an opportunity to support the next generation to grow their skills in our industry.”

Jayde Forscutt, Reece Branch Manager Katherine reflects, “As a past Clontarf student and Reece school-based trainee, I know firsthand what is possible when both organisations work together. I’m really proud that Reece is increasing its investment and deepening its relationship with the Clontarf Foundation to support more students. And now in my role as a branch manager I’m looking forward to supporting the partnership.”

Over the last three years we’ve seen an increase of Clontarf students taking up work experience at Reece or join our school-based traineeship program. The school-based traineeships are designed to give students the opportunity to see what work will be like in a supportive environment, while they are still in school. The goal is to help make it easier for students to transition into employment after school and hopefully start their career at Reece.

Gerard Neesham, CEO, Clontarf Foundation said, “Reece has been an outstanding partner of the Clontarf Foundation. There has been a high level of engagement across Australia, which has led to many of our young men transitioning into successful careers with Reece. This has a significant impact on local communities and their financial support allows us to grow our program and change lives across Australia. We are incredibly grateful for their continued support of the foundation.“

To find out more about the Clontarf Foundation, visit: https://clontarf.org.au/.