12 Mar 2024
Resilient Communities
Reece Foundation's First Impact Report: Celebrating Collective Action for Clean Water and Sanitation
rf team

For most of us, water is a basic need and easily accessible, but sadly this isn’t the case for almost 2.2 billion people around the world. It’s an issue we can’t walk past. 

So, in 2022, the Reece Foundation was established as an independent charity to connect the trades with communities in need of clean water and sanitation. 

In their first Impact Report, the Reece Foundation shares the highlights of their journey so far, one defined by meaningful connections and the transformative power of collective action towards a shared vision - a world where everyone has access to clean water and sanitation.

Ipsita Wright, Executive Director of the Reece Foundation, said, "Our journey has been guided by the belief that access to clean water and sanitation is essential for people to live a life they value. With the support of 23 incredible tradies who volunteered over 2000 hours of their time and skills across two projects and through awarding 12 Reece Foundation Grants, we’ve been able to provide clean water and sanitation to nearly 20,000 people worldwide. 

The Impact Report outlines the Foundation's achievements so far, which include restoring plumbing to 72 flood-impacted homes in Lismore, and constructing 11 borewells, 40 toilets, and 10 handwashing stations across Africa and Asia-Pacific. 

 From the outset, the Foundation has prioritised the wellbeing of people and communities, recognising the pivotal role clean water plays in this equation. Aligned to the Foundation’s social impact model, and verified by Huber Social, the work of the Reece Foundation directly contributes to seven of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to improving access to clean water and sanitation, the Foundation has seen a positive shift in wellbeing in communities where it has worked. 

In addition to what has been delivered to the communities, the Foundation has provided 23 tradies, many whom are Reece customers, with life-changing experiences through volunteering. The experience has resulted in an 8% increase in their average wellbeing, with numerous volunteers returning to participate again.

Through the Grants program, we saw a +142% average positive shift in wellbeing amongst collective grant communities.[i]

Wright continued, “The Foundation’s first year of operations has revealed the power of the trade to make a difference. By connecting volunteers to projects, we can fast track progress in communities and collaborate and share knowledge with locals, to ensure the solutions we provide are long-term and sustainable.

The Reece Foundation's Impact Report serves not only as a celebration of past achievements but as a roadmap for the future, highlighting the transformative impact of collective action towards a world where clean water and sanitation are accessible to all. We are looking forward to working collectively with the trade, suppliers, and community partners on more exciting projects in the year ahead.”

To access the full Impact Report and learn more about the Reece Foundation's initiatives, visit: https://www.reecefoundation.charity/files/Reece_Foundation-Annual_Impact_Report_2024.pdf