2 Jul 2024
Resilient Communities
Reece and Nightingale Housing announce partnership
Nightingale Preston 1

Today, Reece and Nightingale Housing announced our partnership to improve access to sustainable housing in Australia. 

Nightingale Housing is a not-for-profit organisation that builds socially, financially and environmentally sustainable apartments. The apartments are sold at cost via a unique ballot system to equitably meet demand.  All projects are designed to meet or exceed minimum energy requirements and support wellbeing, community and livability. 

CEO of Nightingale Housing, Dan McKenna, said, "The teams at Nightingale and Reece have collaborated closely for many years on existing and upcoming Nightingale projects. As trusted leaders and keen innovators in the bathroom and plumbing space, our partnership with Reece underscores our shared commitment to creating homes that people genuinely love living in. We look forward to working more closely to deliver even more beautiful, functional, and sustainable solutions in our housing projects.”

Bathroom Preston

Through the partnership, Reece is working closely with Nightingale to supply accessible and quality bathroom and kitchen products that align with the sustainable principles of Nightingale's projects. 

Nightingale homes are: 

  • All-electric, with solar arrays supplementing 100% Certified GreenPower

  • Located close to public transport

  • Designed to support wellbeing, community and livability

  • Reduced car parking (car-free where practical)

  • Well built, sustainable,  and robust

  • Sold to owner-occupiers and community housing providers, not investors

  • Designed to reduce operating costs

  • Pre-allocate a target of 20% of homes to Community Housing Providers

Preston house 3

Nick Gricks, Operations Leader for Onsite at Reece, said: “At Reece, we’re passionate about continuous improvement and learning from our industry. We’ve been proud to unofficially support Nightingale on several projects, such as Nightingale Wurru wurru biik and Nightingale Preston. Through these collaborations, our team was challenged to enhance and evolve our accessible and sustainable product range for the better.  We’re excited about what this partnership will mean for Reece, our customers and the community.” 

To find out more information about Nightingale Housing, head to: https://www.nightingalehousing.org/

Preston bathroom