16 May 2024
Introducing Thermann Smart Electric
thermann smart electric

Reece is driving innovation in the electric storage space with the release of Thermann Smart Electric – an electric hot water storage unit with smart technology that gives users more control to ultimately reduce their energy usage and potentially money while doing it. 

Available initially in two models – the 250L and 315L units –Thermann Smart Electric seamlessly integrates with solar electricity, offering consumers an easily adaptable and efficient hot water solution. These units provide ample water storage capacity by harnessing electric water heating technology, transforming the hot water heater into a latent battery that maximises the benefits of solar power systems. For those who don’t have solar, Thermann Smart Electric also can run without solar panels. 

Thermann Smart Electric features app-enabled technology – Thermann Connect App – which empowers consumers to monitor energy usage, optimise savings, and even schedule operations to coincide with peak solar energy production times. The app is available for download in your app store.

Thermann Smart Electric uses four distinct operating modes that can be selected via the consumers’ smartphone – including Schedule Mode for solar PV optimisation, Eco Mode, Manual Mode for temperature control and Holiday Mode for cost savings when you don’t need hot water. 

Plus, with automatic reconnection after power outages and simplified installation processes, Reece makes it easier for plumbers to deliver a top-of-the-line solution for customers.

A Reece spokesperson said, “In addition to the benefits for the end consumer, Thermann Smart Electric has been designed with the plumber in mind. The install doesn’t require an electrician, offers the same footprint as existing Thermann electrics and the plumber can quickly offer their customers a cost-effective solution to save money without having to get involved in a rebate process.” 

The Thermann Smart Electric is now available online at reece.com.au and at Reece branches nationwide.