10 Mar 2022
Resilient Communities
Introducing the Reece Foundation

Reece Group has launched the Reece Foundation to improve access to clean water and sanitation around the world

Today, together with our Australian customers and branch network, we celebrate World Plumbing Day with the launch of the Reece Foundation

At Reece, we know water and believe we have a role to play in providing clean water and sanitation to as many people as we can. We know from our work with the Reece Grant clean water has a positive ripple effect – children can go to school and have access to toilets and women are empowered to access education. That’s why we’re supercharging the work we’ve done with the Reece Grant to create a new independent charity in Australia: The Reece Foundation. 

The Reece Foundation has its own revenue stream, independent board, and resources. The Foundation’s work will include strategic partnerships, disaster relief, advocacy and exploration into long term, sustainable solutions to improve water scarcity and quality. 

Reece Foundation Board Chair, Ipsita Wright said, “For most of us, water is a basic need and easily accessible, but sadly this isn’t the case for almost 2.3 billion people around the world. Our vision is to create a world where everyone has access to clean water and sanitation by connecting communities with trade skills and working together to implement systems that both increase access and are sustainable.”

Since 2016, Reece has been connecting communities with our customer’s trade skills through the Reece Grant and have recognised an ongoing need for clean water and sanitation around the world.  With the help of tradie volunteers, projects improving access to clean water and sanitation have been completed in over 20 countries and across Australia. The Reece Grant confirmed what is possible when we empower tradies to use their skills to make a difference and demonstrated the need for ongoing support to connect communities with the trade skills they need to thrive. 

Chief Communications Officer Lizzy Geremia, said “The Foundation allows us to have much greater impact, helping more communities through diverse revenue streams, and proactively identify projects that the Reece Foundation can support through our customer community. It gives us room to grow and scale projects to meet the needs of the communities we help. Instead of tradies needing a cause, we’ll make it easy for them – they just have to volunteer their time, and we’ll share opportunities where they can use their skills to help communities in need.”

There are three main ways to get involved

  • Donate - People and organisations can donate directly to the Foundation which will then be used to fund projects. Reece team members can also donate through our Reece Cares workplace giving program with Reece matching up to $500 per person, per year.

  •  Volunteer – our customers and the tradie community can sign up to use their skills to provide access to water to communities in need.

  • Reece Foundation Grants - Tradies or an organisation can apply for a Reece Foundation Grant to help a project 

As a founding partner and supporter of the Foundation, the Reece Group has made an initial contribution and will continue to support the foundation by providing products and funding for water and sanitation initiatives. 

The Reece Foundation is calling on the tradie community to submit partnership ideas or register their interest to volunteer with us in the future. Charitable partners in search of tradie skills are also encouraged to submit their ideas via the Foundation website