28 Sep 2023
Celebrating 20 years of partnership with Murray Mallee

Reece Group and Murray Mallee Training Company (MMTC) are celebrating 20 years of our training partnership. 

Murray Mallee is a registered training organisation (RTO) with the core objective of connecting young people and businesses to develop, train, mentor and support apprentices and trainees. 

The partnership began in 2003, with a goal to deliver Certificate III traineeships in Supply Chain Operations and Retail Services. The relationship began with only a few people and through our shared commitment to training and developing the next generation of talent, it evolved to include our hugely successful Australian School-based Apprenticeship (AsbA) program. 

Since the inception of the ASbA program at Reece in 2007, almost 2000 apprentices have completed their training at Reece branches or showrooms, with over 600 staying on at Reece once they finish school. Additionally, a third go on to start trade apprenticeships either with customers or within the broader construction industry. We see the long-term investment in this program as not only good for Reece but also for our industry.

Jess Burns, Accredited Learning Leader at Reece, said, "Our partnership with MMTC demonstrates Reece’s commitment to growing its people – from their first job through all stages of their career at Reece or in the broader trade industry. "

Reece and MMTC work together to understand each other’s needs and create the most supportive and quality learning environment for students. Learning material is developed by MMTC who engage Reece as the industry expert, resulting in face-to-face, on-the-job training that is contextualised and woven into daily work at Reece. The whole student experience is integrated into Reece life and culture. 

Through MMTC and our network of trainers, we are also embedded in the communities we operate in and have developed strong relationships with schools across the country to ensure Reece and opportunities to develop vocational trade skills are on offer to students of all backgrounds.

Di Menz, CEO of MMTC, said, “The trust between MMTC and Reece built over time ensures we are always aligned when it comes to pursuing the best outcomes for students and branches. We get to witness first-hand the amazing, at times life-changing opportunities and outcomes that this program provides to young people. We also get to see the growth in young people during their traineeship, and sometimes into adulthood when they remain with Reece. We get to enjoy the return on the initial investment by a Reece branch into a young person as they become branch staff, 2IC’s, branch managers, support staff, even region leaders.” 

If you or someone you know is at least 15 years of age and enrolled in school, they are eligible to gain valuable experience working in our operations network and alongside our customers through a Reece traineeship. For more information, visit https://careers.reece.com/au/work-that-matters/school-based-traineeships/