Our initiatives

Our tools

We give the next generation hope at an education.

With many young people missing out on an education in developing nations due to a lack of usable toilets, support for projects that provide sanitation facilities at education centres give children at these schools a future.

Improved access to water in many communities allows the time spent for collecting water to be redirected towards their education, providing hope for the next generation.

We lead

Trade skills are our secret sauce.

We know that teaching communities how to maintain clean water and air systems is vital to keeping people healthy. With the support of Reece Grant recipients, we assist them to provide essential on-the-ground education that will benefit the community long after the job is done.

We support

We support communities when they need it most.

By inspiring and empowering those with the skills to help in times of need, we assist communities when they need it most. In 2020, we provided significant funding, products and volunteers for Australian Bushfire rebuild projects, giving hope to more than 100 families across the country.